The purpose of a blog is to generate conversation about the post.   Part of your grade will be based on your comments and response to comments.   Be sure to always be positive in your feedback, and leave comments that are at multiple sentences.

1. Be Positive

Point out something positive that you appreciated in the original post. Tell them something nice. Be Specific (why was it nice, what caught your eye).

2. Connect/Relate

How do you connect to the post?   Does it remind you of a time you did/had something similar?  Is it something you’ve thought about doing/seeing?

3. Respectfully Disagree

You will not always agree with your peers. That’s ok! Be sure to make a positive comment before you offer an alternative opinion. Highlight their positive, and then share your counter argument in a kind and respectful tone.

4. Ask Questions

If you have a question about something they talked about, ask it!

5. Talk it Out

Your post should be several sentences in length. The point is to generate discussion!